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In the summer of 2012, Nassakeag Elementary Students 11-year old Maddie Mastriano and her 8-year old brother Joseph decided they wanted to have a lemonade stand. After starting to set up some supplies in front of their home, they gained the attention of some of the kids on the block. Instead of trying to figure out how to split the earnings by 15-kids, it was suggested that they find a place that they may want to donate to. Without hesitation Maddie and Joseph both said "The Children's Hospital!" When asked why, they said that they were lucky to have a summer while there are some kids who are sick, and don't have that chance, so this would be a nice way to let them know we are thinking of them.


What started out as a small lemonade stand in front of their home on Spencer Lane, with a few neighbors helping the "Spencer Lane Kids" quickly grew to the "S-Section Kids Lemonade Stand." The community has really started to rally around this event, that has truly grown every year, and become a tradition of the summer. In fact last year, over 150-volunteers from grades K-12 in many of the surrounding communities helped us raise money, sell lemonade or donated supplies. We are proud to change the name this year to the Three Village Kids Lemonade Stand to reflect a true sense of who is involved in making this event a success, the kids from this school district: Three Village Kids!  

Info about
Child Life Program

Over the years, the lemonade stand has raised more than $66,000 in support of the new Children’s Hospital Pavilion, programs and services. Stony Brook Children’s Hospital is Suffolk County’s only children’s hospital serving over 400,000 pediatric patients in Suffolk County. This year all funds will help to support the Child Life Program at the hospital. The Child Life Program at Stony Brook Children's Hospital helps to reduce the stress that pediatric patients and their families may experience when faced with illness, medical procedures and unfamiliar surroundings. The Child Life Program offers an opportunity for children to engage in everyday childhood activities to help minimize anxiety. The program provides therapeutic, educational and recreational activities to meet the unique emotional and developmental needs of children during their hospital stays. Donations raised by the Three Village Kids lemonade stand will help to expand and enhance the activities and services provided by the Stony Brook's Child Life Program.


The mission of The Three Village Kids Lemonade Stand is: To show students of all ages how together we can turn lemons into lemonade, one cup at a time to improve the quality of life of patients and their families at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, Child Life Program. Since the first lemonade stand in 2011, the lemonade stand has provided more than 600 students the opportunity to earn more than 5500 community service hours.


August 5, 2019 will mark our 7th annual lemonade stand. To date we have raised more than $66,000 and are on track in hitting our goal of $100,000. We appreciate your consideration in helping us, and look forward to the possibility of working together in taking something sour and turning it into something sweet, one cup at a time.